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Hot cocoa bombs are spheres of tempered chocolate filled with hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, and most times topped with sprinkles. When placed in a hot cup and hot milk is added, the chocolate spears melt, releasing the cocoa mix, and creating a tasty cup of hot chocolate. Coco Bombs are you fun way to enjoy a hot chocolate.

Camping Style Hot Cocoa Bombs - 4 Pack

  • We have to enforce order placement through the website to ensure efficiency and to avoid errors. Sorry, there will be no exceptions.

    Please note, we do not SHIP or DELIVER.

    For Santa Fe customers we will meet up in Santa Fe at the Super Walmart, the south end of town, in the Walmart parking lot across the Nusenda ATM parking lot.

    For Rio Rancho/Albuquerque customers, a pick up time will be determined when your order is placed. 


    All items are made to order. Sorry, no refunds. If you miss your pick up time, you will have to pick up in Rio Rancho. Thanks for your understanding.

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